• For a more seamless application, we recommend using a small amount of baby powder on the inside of the garment. Forcing on a latex piece without any additional aid can cause the fabric to stretch, potentially ripping the latex.
    • Avoid tugging or pulling at the latex with your fingernails. Instead, use your whole hand to shift the garment into place.
    • Before wearing your piece out, apply a small amount of water-based or silicone-based lubricant to bring back the shine of the latex as well as it’s true color. Do not use an oil to bring back shine, as this can potentially damage the integrity of the latex.
    • After wearing, gently hand wash your latex in lukewarm water using a mild hand or dish soap. Do not use any bleach products and do not place in your washing machine. Do not dry clean.
    • Do not crumple your latex piece after wearing. If you don’t want to wash straight away, hang up immediately using a nonmetal hanger.
    • To dry, hang in the shade, away from any direct sunlight. Ensure your garment is entirely dry before putting away, as the piece will stick to itself if folded while wet.
    • Store your latex in a dark area, avoiding direct contact with the sun. Avoid storing your latex directly next to bright colors to avoid potential bleeding.