Feeling good in what you’re wearing has always been at the heart of Miaou. That is how it all started. Designer Alexia Elkaim was on the hunt for a pair of pants that would serve as the “perfect fit,” not just for her, but for her friends. The search was fruitless, and so in 2016, Elkaim took things into her own hands, designing a one-off pair of denim pants, inspired by a favorite Parisian vintage find, and effectively creating what we now know as, Miaou. These body-hugging jeans quickly catapulted Miaou into the spotlight, captivating influencers and friends alike and starting Elkaim on a larger-than-life journey.


    Elkaim’s life leading up to the inception of Miaou was always split between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. These cities raised her, and gave her a penchant for vintage clothing. Scouring flea markets of whatever city she found herself in, searching for vintage pieces, became a cherished tradition that has shaped Elkaim and Miaou into what they are today. Following the launch of its one-off jeans, Miaou blossomed into an innovative ready-to-wear brand, with Elkaim expanding its offerings from their signature trousers, to ready-to-wear lavish corsets, timeless dresses, and even sexy swimwear, all with the same core intention - making the wearer feel good. 


    As Miaou grows, Elkaim continues to be inspired by the places that have shaped her, and the feelings she hopes to evoke with her designs. Still in search of the “perfect fit,” Miaou has expanded into extended sizing, with the hope that more people can feel that “perfect fit” moment and feel included in the global Miaou community. 


    Elkaim is providing a different approach on what it means to be a fashion brand. From bringing sustainability practices to the forefront of her mission, to creating with the empowering “femme gaze” in mind, Elkaim continues to push herself and Miaou towards new frontiers, all with the ever-present “feel good” goal in mind.