Our Commitment



Locally Sourced:

An immense carbon footprint is created by the transport of clothing from country to country during the production process overseas. We ensure that our overseas production is transported by boat rather than air,  in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Boating goods provides lower energy consumption and emissions of products harmful to the environment than land transport or air transport. Ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials have been an important focus for us. We source and design locally first  - supporting small and localized businesses.  If we can't find it here, we align with a supplier who meets our ethical standards. Making many of our garments in Los Angeles allows us to ensure that the production teams working on our collections are working under ethical conditions and being paid fair wages, we receive factory certifications to ensure this. 


We invest in sustainable fabrics. Our three core fabrics (denim, crepe, and mesh) are either made of biodegradable fibers or are deadstock fabrics we source locally. Deadstock fabrics are leftover fabrics from other fashion companies that were never used and would otherwise go to a landfill. We then repurpose this fabric and use it for our own. We do not mill any fabrics, and achieve custom prints by digitally printing. Digital printing reduces waste by at least 10% in both fabrics and ink. 

92% Recycled Nylon 8% Lycra
Recycled Nylon has the same benefits as recycled polyester: It diverts waste from landfills and its production uses much fewer resources than virgin nylon (including water, energy and fossil fuel). A large part of the recycled nylon produced comes from old fishing nets. 
Stretch Crepe:
97% Recycled Polyester 3% Lycra
Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs. Diverting PET bottles for this process reduces landfill, and thus reduces soil contamination and air and water pollution and requires less energy than virgin polyester.
Stretch Canvas:
98% BCI Cotton 2%Lycra 
The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) aims to promote measurable improvements of cotton cultivation to make it more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

90% of our production is launder-free. We try to eliminate this process whenever possible by sourcing deadstock to help reduce the consumption of water and energy used. We push for all of our products to help conserve energy and minimize the carbon footprint which helps control the level of toxicity or pollution to the environment. We do not run any fabric on industrial power washes - which reduces hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. Softener rinse

Digital printing technologies are by nature more sustainable than traditional analog alternatives, and offer a way forward towards clean, efficient, profitable manufacturing.  Digital Printing is more ecological friendly than Offset printing or Screen Printing. No ink or dye is wasted with digital printing since it's all consumed in the print. There are no plates, blankets, or screens to be washed off eventually ending up in our environment which does damage to our planet.

All of our products are packaged in biodegradable eco-poly packaging and mailers. Our 100% Recycled Poly Mailers packaging is a step toward ending the use of environmentally-harmful materials.





We are proud to continue our partnership as a 1% for the Planet business member. Each year, we pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to select nonprofit organizations that focus on environmental solutions.



We stand in solidarity with all Black Lives. We pledge to stay educated and listen. We pledge to educate our white peers and communities and use our privilege in the fight against dismantling systemic racism. We pledge to amplify the voices of Black folk through our platform. 



The work of the Equal Justice Initiative has been crucial in the success of challenging mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and the abuse of children, people with disabilities, and the indigent in America's criminal justice system. Since July, 2020 Miaou has been proud to support the work of the Equal Justice Initiative, donating $500 per month.



Our Archive collection is a new chapter in Miaou, dedicated to repurposing both vintage archival pieces and one-of-a-kind samples.



We are sure not to waste any garments from past collections. All of our deadstock and old collection pieces are sold via our Depop store. 


Other organizations we have donated to include:

  • Okra Project, Loveland Foundation, eXXpedition, Elijah Mclains Fund, Breonna Taylor Fund, UNHCR - Yemen Crisis, NAACP LD, Trans Justice Funding Project, Bail Out Funds